Thursday, May 31, 2012

After our birthday bonanza a few weeks ago, I have had no desire to blog. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything to say. I do plan on totally giving my blog a make-over soon. So I can't wait to unveil the new look! 

In the mean time, this is what I have been up to...

I scored the mother load of craft supplies at a church garage sale! Calico heaven!!! 

grapes & blueberries, cucumber sticks in hummus, and whole grain pasta with peas and homemade pesto from Grandpa & Grandma Brian & Betty

We're working on eating more solids and less bottle. But no one tells you how difficult it is to transition from all meals in a bottle to all solids and milk in a cup! E wants his bottle and yet, I don't want him to have funky teeth when he gets older. Do I just go cold turkey and never give him a bottle again?  He's great with a sippy cup and straws, but he still enjoys his cuddle time with Momma and a bottle.  Oh and he doesn't actually call me Momma... he says MOM. Just mom. I love it!

 To beat the heat on a 90+ degree day, we got out the kiddie pool. It was a splashing success!

Cousins: Piya, Levi, Drew, Everett, Evan & Isla.  
 My cousin and his wife had their baby girl Isla baptized a few weekends ago. Afterwards we got all the cousin kiddos together and snapped some pics.

On a side note, both my husband and I only have one sibling. I have one brother and so does my husband.  My brother Buddy has Down's Syndrome and will not be having children. My husband's brother Peter lives in Taiwan with his wife. And although they don't have children yet, even when they do we're not sure how often we will see them.
It's really important for me for Everett to have cousins. I have the best cousins, I mean my cousin Kelly is totally one of my BFFs! So although he may not have first cousins yet, he will always have my cousin's children and I hope they become great pals!

Dawson's Creek is on Netflix and I'm reliving my teenage angst... with a big vocabulary! Capeside lives! 


Kristina P. said...

He is such a cutie.

Megan said...

What a doll! I think it's funny when M calls me MOM, sounds so adult :) I may have to rewatch Dawson's Creek this summer!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks like lots of fun! love your goodies, and all those cousins are too cute! my brother is not yet married (though i have no doubt he will be in the next couple years!) but he is in LA. chris has a sis who has two kids that are younger than ours and live in MS, and his lil brother is just getting married.... so ours will always be the oldest of the cousins when they do get together on both sides. it was always that way for me and my own brother growing up, too- we were the oldest. so nice that everett has this bunch his age or close (even if they aren't direct cousins).
do you watch fringe? chris and i love that show.... and paycee is on it!

Shannon said...

How cute is that picture of all the cousins!! They are all gonna grow up together, so cool. You scored some fun goodies at that sale, love all the colors. Perfect for Summer :)

Christina Main said...

My husband and I WERE JUST commenting on the incredible vocabulary that all these "15 year olds" had!! There were a few times I had no idea what the heck their sentence meant! :(((( My husband (Mr Vocab Genius) was stumped a time or two as well.."Yeah I don't know what that word means..." Are we so dumb!?

Thanks Dawnson's Creek.

(PS- how did 14 year old me keep up with that show!?)

K and/or K said...

Hooray for cousins!!!!!
With siblings in Asia, we've got each other! ;-)

The other night while watching Parenthood one of the teens used a big word and I thought of Dawson's Crack, and that was before I went and watched it on Netflix.

Brittany said...

Ahhhhhhh little E is cute beyond words!! I love his sweet little tummy!

Rachel said...

So cute. Love that he calls you Mom. Both my boys were closer to a yr. and a half when they finally let go of the bottle. I think they still need that "sucking" to comfort themselves and help transition to bedtime. I think you will know when he is ready and it will be painless...go with your gut. Unless he has the bottle all day long his teeth will be fine!!

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