Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flame Fatale meets Phyllis Diller

Halloween, that spooky time of year when children and grown-ups alike can put on costumes and act crazy. In September, Shannon coerced me into having a Halloween party. I like parties. I like Halloween. Viola. But alas, up until Tuesday this week I had no idea what my costume was going to be... until I saw the Flame Fatale make-up kit at my local Walgreens. I was going to be fire... like sexy fire. Well I might have got the fire part down, but cousins Kelly & Kyle, aka K and\or K said I looked like Phyllis Diller meets Cruella Deville meets Liza Minnelli. UGH.
So you be the judge...

Superfluous Before:

Superfluous After: least my eyelashes were amazing! And the food wasn't bad either...

Everyone that came was very festive... including Disco Diva Shannon (and me where I don't look like Phyllis Diller, but more like Niki Sixx from Motley Crue circa 1985)

Kelly and Kyle as The white trash shot gun wedding bride and Sarah Palin a Footnote on History.

Love the hickeys!

Here you will find female K of K and\or K, Heather of the EO (as Halloween Spirit) and Superfluous! Blogger Maniacs United!

Sarah as Olive the Other Reindeer:

Shannon Disco Diva and Ellen Mary Christmas (and my paint swatches)

Teri, Mr. Saturday Night Fever

Well that is all I'm going to say, I'm not going to mention anything about my new cool fogger\bubble machine and how I had the funnerest party of them all. I won't mention how i dressed my cat up as water because PETA wouldn't like that too much. And plus, let's just all agree that people who dress their pets up are weird. Who does that!?!

Happy Halloween!


Heather of the EO said...

I love that you named my non-costume. Thank you, you're so gracious!

I had a great time, as always. Your house is THE place for good food and good fun.


K and/or K said...

I loved the green hand in the punch! Did you know it was worms? I hope they were tape worms so I loose 15 pounds.

It was spootacular as always!!!
Thanks again!

joolee said...

Looks like a fabulous shindig! You DO look hot.....I mean HOT! And I must agree, anyone who costumes their cat reminds me of a not so sweet smelling girl who lived in our college dorm. DON"T DO IT SABRINA!!!! (though the pic I saw on facebook was a bit amusing)

...sensible of shoe said...

I don't get it... except for the wig, you look the exact same as always. It good to see the party was still fun even without me there. Cheers to Halloween fun!

Rachel said...

You looked SO GOOD! I can totally see the Liza Minelli relation...with the hair and extravagant makeup and all...wish I could've been there! BTW Caleb has an abdominal ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow...let you know what we find.

*MARY* said...

Who knew fire could be so HOT?
Please let us see a water cat picture. What will PETA do to you, stand outside your house wearing nothing but paint? Bring it on.

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