Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A tutorial on striking out

Many people are wondering how that whole Strike Through magic works. I myself have recently learned how, and that was pretty much so i could sound even more witty in my posts.

Go here for a very quick and easy tutorial. This is the way I do it. And I prefer my way.

or you could be cool like Megan and do all your writing\striking through in Word then paste it.

Have fun and don't be surprised if you instantly gain 10 new friends who think you are soooo amazingly cool. Strike Throughs are the new Michael Phelps.


...sensible of shoe said...

HTML is for cat losers.

joolee said...

Thanks. I actually decided earlier today to finally make the effort and google my question for myself. But thanks for your willingness to help the helpless.:)

K and/or K said...

what up strike addict! stirke out the "aren't" and change my blog title to "orange", will ya? :-)

looking forward to remembering what you look like on sunday!
and seeing how well uncle jesse can roast!

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