Saturday, January 5, 2008

Babies 'R Us!

I have been immensely enjoying these last few days before i go back to work. Yesterday was a very leisurely day of doing not much of anything. Last night i went over to Ellen & Sarah's place for a game night party. It was a good group of people, many of whom I just met this past year. Which is pretty fun, considering this time last year I knew none of the people at the party. I am really big on remembering where i was at a certain point in the past. Some people say I might live a little too much in the past. But really, It is a good way to see where you were and mirror it to where you are now. Sometimes I am in the same place, many times I find myself different. I admit, I am nostalgic, remembering dates and places and moments. Maybe I'm just a really big "moments" person more than anything. I try not to live in the past, but I like to keep the good memories and learn and grow from the bad ones.
Anyway, last night we played Apples to Apples and then we played Fact or Crap. Both are not very competitive games, but they both make you think. By the end of the night we played 2 Truths and a Lie. Which basically you tell 2 true things about yourself and one made up one and then people guess which one is the lie. Some of my truths and lies were:
1. I have a row of mini-teeth behind my big teeth
2. I was a wrestling cheerleader in High School
3. I have my pilot's licence
Can you guess which one is the lie? :)

Today I met two really swell gals at Nina's on Selby Ave. I really like that place, it is right next door to one of my favorite restaurants, W.A. Frost. (Get the Duck!)
The ladies I am speaking of are Sarah and Megan, again 2 people I did not know a year ago. How fun is that! And now I consider them some of my goodest friends. We chatted for a couple of hours and it was lovely. I am so excited for Megan and the birth of her daughter! She will be soon adopting a baby girl... could be any day! We have been praying for Megan and her hubby Jake for about 7 months now as they began their adoption process, and it is amazing to see God giving good gifts of a baby girl! (I love alliteration!) Anyway, I know that Megan is going to be a wonderful mother and I told her that she would be receiving endless 'Hot dishes' from me! (Casseroles for you non-Minnesotans) But I will make them yummy and not weird, and of course no jell-o dishes either (Kelly has taught me well!)
Actually God is really answering prayers in the baby department. In fact, my friend Jeanelle and her husband are due to have a baby in June and my BFF Rachel got pregnant very easily this time around and is due in July! God does answer prayers, they are all evidence of this! Gotta love them prego momma's and their little buns in the oven. :)

Here is a blast from the past: Me, 5 years ago at the age of 26! I think I looked older at 26 then I do as I am turning 31? What gives? Maybe I am one of those people who ages backwards? Which I guess when I am 60 I will look like a babe, literally! :) My old roommate Holly Wood (and yes that is her given name) took this of me, but I can't remember why? Maybe for something to do with my student I.D. card for travelling through Europe? Anyway, 26 was a good year and a great time in my life, very few worries and a happy heart. For fun I just got done reading my journal for the year I was 26. These were the highlights: I FINALLY finished my bachelor's degree, I travelled throughout Europe, My best friend Rachel got married, I took my first road-trip with Kyle and Kelly, and Kyle actually said more than 2 words to me! I really really liked 2 boys, "B" & "D" and had a fun time chillin' with both of them, even though I was majorly confused it was a blast. I met my future boyfriend "J", and have good memories of meeting him and being friends before any drama happened years later. I liked my job, I loved my house I lived in and my neighborhood. And I had good friends, and the world was my oyster and anything was possible. At least that is the impression my journal gave me. Oh to be 26 again!


Megan said...

Awe...thanks! Yes, you do get hotter every year! Nina's was fun, let's repeat!

beth said...

I like you :)

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

The lie is #3? I'm so stumped because the teeth thing is quite... unique. We used to play that game every time there was someone new at one of my old jobs. It was a "getting to know you game." I remember a few of mine. See if you can guess the lie
1. I have showered with a turantula.
2. I only grow hair in one armpit.
3. I've bungee jumped with only my bikini bottom on.

k & k said...

Is the teeth really your absorbed twin? The vintage arctic cat clothing fairy lives!! Meow says me in my new fushia artic cat coat! Meow to infinity! Thanks mucho!

Sabrina said...

ESPN KELLY! That is what i was saying at the party, I MUST have an absorbed twin in me!
Meow artic cat!

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

I stumped you with my lie! I HAVE NOT bungeed half naked, whatta ya take me for??? What kind of girl do you think I am?
I'm not sure what kind of girl I am -JUNO.
We both have weird bodily freakies. I only grow hair in one armpit. Ner a hair in the leftie.

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