Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who was I visiting? IDK, my BFF Rachel!

Well I am now back, not really ready to be, but I am back nonetheless. I had the most wonderful time visiting Rachel. I headed out Thursday morning on my trek to Michigan. It has been almost 2 years since i've seen Rachel and in that time she went and had herself a baby! So of course when I made it to the airport, there was Rach holding her baby boy Seth and I started to cry. Tears of joy of course, and happiness... I have known Rach for so long and her desire to be a mother has been evident the first time i met her, and now here she is a wife and mother! My complete and utter happiness for her cannot be contained. We spent our time doing what we do best and that is just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I have great friends, but there is no one like Rach, where I can just show up and no matter how much time or distance has taken place, we start right where we left off, as if there was no lapse in time. We shared memories of our time in New Hampshire, including laughing over the whole "triangle incident" when we liked the same boy!! Along with all our other adventures of memories over the past 10 years!
Part of our time together included cooking and enjoying good food and conversation. The other part of the time was watching re-runs of our favorite show, Felicity. Rachel is a Noel person and I am so for Ben... and if you watched the show too, you will know what that means! Rachel made me a delicious Talapia dish one night and then on the another night I made her some artichoke chicken pasta. The best part was that her mom was just in Italy and she sent Rach a chunk of fresh Parmasiano-Reggiano cheese! That was amazing!! We also indulged in some yummy drinks, including our traditional Grasshopper, or as Rach calls them; "Butterflies".

I loved spending time with Seth, he is such a warm and bright and sweet little boy. I instantly fell in love with him, and I can safely say that his affections to me were matched! Seth is now 9 months old, and rach says he hasn't always been the easiest baby, with having colic and other medical issues, but now he is becoming quite the charmer. He wears this "cool space helmet" to get a flat spot evened out, but I think he looks adorable with it on! And he is growing and growing and soon he won't even need to wear the cool helmet!

I also got to visit with an old friend from years back, sweet Beth. She is probably the sweetest, gentlest person I've ever known, and it was fun visiting with her too!

Time went by way too quickly with this visit. I would've loved just one more day with Rachel. But I was blessed by our time, and happy that i am so lucky and privileged to gain such a perfect friend! I hope that it won't be another 2 years until we see each other. But I know that even if we went 10 years without seeing each other, we would always be able to pick up right where we left off!
"What a miracle of fate that we could live our lives at the same time on earth. How incredible God's plan." ~Falvia Weedn

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