Monday, August 6, 2007

The Towering Ironic

My weekend, was very nice and relaxing. Going back to work and having to get up so early has made me tired, so I spent Friday night just chillin' on my couch, with some pizza and a margarita made with my Magic Bullet. Romeo + Juliet was on, the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes. I can't believe that movie came out over 10 years ago. I think I saw it in the theatre a few times too. It's funny to look back 10 years, and what was going on in my life, who I was dating and who my friends were, where I was living. And it's all changed. Watching that movie brought back a lot of memories, mostly really good ones of a far away time. Saturday I ventured out to my parent's makeshift trailer home for a visit. My mom has worked her decorating wonders and created a nice cozy home. We went out to dinner at our new favorite local diner, Sunni's Cafe in Howard Lake. For being a small town restaurant, they really make some very good food. I had the pecan crusted walleye...MMMM! Back at the casa we watched the 1974 classic, The Towering Inferno. I was surprised how many big named stars there were. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Richard Chamberlain, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire and OJ Simpson! You would think that with all those stars it would've been a better film, but it was a bit too long and not enough fire. (Movie fact: The movie was based on the World Trades Centers that were being built around that time, with the writer thinking, "I wonder what would happen to a buildings this size if there was a big fire?" I guess now we know. Sad. Also, the filming wrapped up on September 11, 1974. Ironic.)

Sunday I was invited to a Twins game with Kyle & Kelly. It was a great game and a nail biter at the end! Whoo Whee! (The pics are of K&K's beautiful flowers!)
And last night I had a great conversation with an even greater friend. And I think that we are both able to say, "All will be well with time and grace..."

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