Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A night to myself...

My day is going sooooo slooowwwlllyyy! I am really looking forward to a night at home. Last night I made yummy Sesame Chicken with Asian Slaw and I brought it over to my couch-ridden cousin Kelly. So if you want the recipe, she posted it on her blog: http://vlachmytastebudsoff.blogspot.com/
Tomorrow night through Monday (Labor Day) I have plans, so I need to have at least one night to relax, clean & bake some bread, but not necessarily in that order... I still want to attempt to make the Zucchini bread with Moroccan Spices... but we'll see. Boring days at work make me want to do be lazy at home. But a job change may be in the future... hopefully many good things will be just around the corner.
I was driving today and I saw a tree whose leaves were already changing. It just seemed like last week I noticed that the trees just started to bud. Now it's almost fall and the leaves will soon change, then fall off the trees. This year has just flown by, and with that has come many many changes in my life. I'm glad for the changes, but not every change has been happy one.
I'm thinking about planning a trip somewhere soon. I haven't been anywhere in a very long time... and I need a change of scenery.
Sorry this post is so random... I have nothing interesting to say at the moment.

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