Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Months!

Where oh where has the time gone? August was a busy month with a trip to Michigan to visit family and friends and my husband preparing to go back to work (math teacher). I didn't post much because I just wanted to spend the last few weeks of summer having fun, snuggling with my boys and enjoying the weather.
Everett continues to grow and reach awesome milestones. Like rolling from back to front, sitting up with almost no assistance and stranger anxiety. Which I guess having stranger anxiety is not so awesome, but hopefully that means he'll grow out of it sooner than later.
We are gearing up to take some fun classes through the ECFE (Early Childhood & Family Education) programs and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers (and under).
I continue to work on the house, getting it organized, decorating and making it into a home. There might even be a blog change coming up but I'll write more about that as I work on it. Surprise Surprise... This is going to be fun. :)

When you have a second stop by Spearmint Baby where my talented & awesome cousin Kelly is featured for her cute play kitchen her and Kyle made! It will amaze you!!!

The HOT HOT HEAT is over now in MN and now it's Fall, apple picking, pumpkin patching and leaf raking weather!


K and/or K said...

Look at that little dashing peanut! 4 months already? Amazing!

I am looking forward to your blog suprise, whatever it may be.

Thanks for the shout out, can't wait for E and P to make us delicious pretend food together! Let's teach them pad thai!

Kristina P. said...

He keeps getting cuter and cuter!

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