Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sleep Happy

Oooh I'm so sleepy! But it's not as bad as it was the first week. I'm getting very used to this newborn business. Of course I have the help of my hubby who took about 4 weeks off to be with me and the babe... and he doesn't mind changing diapers to boot. I'm a lucky girl!
Everett is growing so much! At his 2 week appointment he was at 8lbs 15oz, 21.5 inches. 54th percentile for weight and 77th percentile for height. (he is almost as tall as me!)
I am going to be really biased and say he is the cutest baby ever! I nibble his face all the time. I hope he doesn't mind me doing it when he is 16.
We had our first big outing early this week with a trip to Turtle Bread Bakery. I needed a jumbo peanut butter chocolate chip cookie! I also indulged in a turkey sandwich, chicken tortilla soup and fresh lemonade. Oh joy!
The weather is FINALLY gorgeous and we have plans for lots of walks and fun times this summer. This winter was so brutal but thankfully not only did I come home from the hospital with my precious baby boy but also a lovely spring!


Kristina P. said...

You probably won't want to nibble his face when he turns 16 because it will smell like B.O.

Rachel said...

He is too cute for words...I am dying over here. This is torture...I may just need to plan a trip so I can kiss those cheeks. So happy for you guys!!

Heidi said...

I am soooooooo happy for you--and you're right, he is adorable!

very married said...

what a pretty baby! I hope you keep up with the pictures.

It's so nice that your husband is around. When he goes back to work, will you have a family member come to help? Many of my friends with new babies have their mothers or MILs come and stay with them for a while.

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