Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Boy!

Weellll.... no baby yet. 39 weeks and holding. 2 weeks ago I quit my job for good and although most people commented, Why so soon before you due date? I just had a feeling these weeks would need to kept open for anything. Last week I was at 5 different doctor appointments, some for me, some for the baby, some for both. This week I was just supposed to have 2 appointments but that has turned into 4 with a trip to the HOSPITAL. Yep, fun times! My blood pressure was up on Monday so they thought i should go get checked out at the hospital. I thought, well this could be it... and the funny thing is, i was more worried that i hadn't showered and shaved in a few days then having a baby! My husband said, WHO CARES... but I do! If i'm going to get all gross delivering a baby then I want to start out fresh with smooth legs and shiny clean hair! So i pretty much shower everyday just in case! HA! Back to the hospital... they hooked me up to all the monitors and drew lots of blood and I just laid there and we watched A Baby Story of all things. I wanted inspiration! After about 2 hours my blood pressure was back to normal and my blood work came back negative for preeclampsia, they decided to send me home. They put me on modified bed rest, which really just means, take it easy lady. So i have been taking advantage of that. This Friday will be the litmus test for the baby's birth. I have an ultrasound to determine the baby's size. If he is super huge (which on Monday he was measuring 8lbs 14oz) then I'm sure they'll want to induce. If he gets to 10lbs then they'll want to do an C-section. I just want my body to do what it is supposed to, but since nothing is happening i'll probably opt for the induction. But i pray pray pray that i will just go into labor on my own and let me body and baby do their thing.

Enough baby talk.

Did anyone watch America's Next Great Restaurant? Where contestants try to promote their restaurant concept in order to win a chance to open their own restaurant in 3 American cities. We watched a few episodes and are excited because they opened up a Soul Daddy (the winner) at the Mall of America. We are going to check it out on Friday after my doctor appointment, which the offices just happen to be right across the street from the MOA. I'll keep you posted on our impressions of Soul Daddy.

I just took pics of the baby's room. Once I tweak them a bit, I'll post them in the next few days. I have to photoshop out some things as to not give away the baby's name.
sorry kelly.


K and/or K said...

"Sorry Kelly"....story of your pregnancy! :-) Have you notice I've stopped guessing lately?

I cannot wait for the next week to happen--it's the week that will change your life forever!!!!!

Now come on, Lunker Timothy, get out of her belly!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, crap, did they already announce the winner? Did I miss it? I record it and watch it. I can get behind Soul Daddy.

Hope that baby comes soon!

Erin said...

Here's hoping the baby is a "normal" size so you can have the delivery you hope for!

And yes, I watched ANGR, and I would love to try Soul Daddy. Please let us know what you think!

Anonymous said...

He's still in there?! Yuck to all the appointments and hospital stuff. I hope something happens before the induction and WAY before a c-section! I feel so lazy and crabby right now, is this normal?


vmichelle said...

I think that's great that you're taking it easy these last weeks! Very wise. I hope everything goes well for you! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. No matter our exact situation, we're all in the sisterhood :-)

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