Saturday, October 10, 2009

Highs and Lows of the Week

High: My cold is finally over.
Low: Now everyone else is sick.

High: Twins win the AL Central Division!!!
Low: Playing the Yankees the next day! BOOO!!!

High: Coming so close to winning against the Yankees.
Low: Losing 2x this week. Whaaaa!

High: Watching Nie Nie on Oprah! (she (Nie Nie) is soooo amazing!)
Low: The WHOLE show should've been about her!

High: My dad finally went to the doctor.
Low: He needs triple bypass surgery (this coming Tuesday!)

High: The trees are turning crimson, gold and orange!
Low: IT SNOWED!!!!

Have a great weekend! Hope you have lots of highs and very few lows!



Kristina P. said...

Nie Nie was amazing!

And you were right on that she was going to be on Oprah. I had no idea.

Cherie said...

sweetie, i am thankful that you are all's a prayer for your dad, he will pull through. hugs form over here!~~~hey, sab, grab the hug button from my sidebar on This Side of Town..

Ellen said...

Wow, you watched Oprah!!! This Nie Nie is amazing in more ways than I realized.

Thanks for the DP + chat tonight!!! Will be praying for your dad's surgery.

Literature Crazy said...

Those are some serious ups and downs. Hope things start smoothing out for you... or at least just become ups. (Although I'm pretty sure life doesn't work like that.)

Cindy said...

"Low: IT SNOWED!!!!" ???????? Seriously, I don't care what time of year, it is amazingly beautiful!!

Hope everything goes well with your Dad tomorrow!


Gracie said...

Hello friend,
I hope things went well for your Dad. I'm praying.

Love you!

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