Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just the facts...

I said I would get back to "real" blogging so here you go. Last week was a good week. The things at work that were not so good have gotten better. Relief. I can't even remember all that I did last week, but i was fairly busy. The interesting part starts Friday when I was invited out by some cool teachers at my school. I guess they think I'm a swell girl so my presence at their happy hour was crucial. Special. I can't write about it because:
A) I work with these people
B) I work with these people
Let's just say it was all very interesting, fun, but very interesting. I like them.

Saturday I went with Kelly to visit Auntie Lori. We also went to an art fair where I bought this bowl, made by Kelly's BFF Sarah's sister Emily. Did that make sense?

And then Lori bought me this rad round red bracelet.

Then I got this henna art on my hand.

No wonder the cool teachers want me around.

I finally got to meet Coach, Lori's wonder dog, but I prefer to call him Craig T. Nelson. Get it?
If all that wasn't fun enough Lori took us out for Mexican and tequila and drank us under the table.
Lori, pain free and livin' large. PTL!

I also went to a girl's party of some of Kelly's high school\college friends and guess who surprised us, Heather of the EO!!! Now this is a little known fact I discovered about Heather and I. When little kids are naughty and say inappropriate things like "I drink poop", instead of keeping a strait face and being mature we bust up laughing. Well when its not your child, sorry... it's funny.
It was a fantabulous weekend. That is a real word, fantabulous. I was told recently by someone. But I can't say who.

Lori: I think I'm going to grow my hair out.
Kelly: But you told me to never let you do that.
Lori: Well I just want to grow out the back.
Kelly: And?
Lori: You know and have it flip out.
Kelly: Do you know what that is called?
Lori: No, what?
Kelly: It's called a Mullet.

Love. My. Family.

Time to go read some Sci-Fi, in my hammock, all the while pretending my yard doesn't need to be mowed and that those glares I'm getting from my neighbors are really love stares.


joolee said...

I totally need to work on some delusional interpretation of love stares. Does "practice makes perfect" apply in this scenario?

Heather of the EO said...

Yes, I can't hold the laughter in when the children are not mine. Hilariousness, you silly goose.

K and/or K said...

you went home to read sci-fi and i went home to read about vampires.
we are so cousins.

Ellen said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Rachel said...

You are never going to let me live down that tin foil thing, are you? Scott had never heard the story, actually, so i had fun reminiscing. Remember the time I thought there was a spaceship in your parents' fields in the middle of the night? Oh--and I love your family too...miss them lots.

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