Friday, June 6, 2008

Like sand in an hour glass...

...these are the days of our lives. I have not been able to blog all week. I have had no Internet at home up until last night, and work has been so crazy with the big move, that i have had no time there! The media center where i work is being remodeled for the summer, so i have been displaced to a different building. I finally have sighed a deep breath... I can finally relax! Between packing and moving to my new house and packing and moving to my new job location I have been so tired of well, packing and moving. Today I took a shower, put on makeup and jewelry and wore a skirt and nice shirt... I even shaved my legs! I just wanted to feel "pretty" for a change instead of wearing grubby clothes and being sweaty from packing\unpacking\painting\moving... dirty girl.
Although when i got to my new job location today everyone was said,
You know, you don't have to dress up here.
Well today i just needed to feel good, and not living in the pit of slobdom!
I have also had a busy week at night...
I think Monday i got my car fixed and was able to visit my family... Tuesday Heather came over and helped me unpack my kitchen, share some laughs and a bottle of wine. Wednesday I went to the Sex and the City movie with Shannon and Ellen... LOVED IT!
Last night i got cable and Internet and it was cousin Kyle's birthday (Happy birthday!) and tonight i am having Shannon, Jaime, and Cindy over. Tomorrow night i am going to a bachelorette party for a co-worker! And still this weekend i need to unpack and get out in that garden o' mine. I will post some pictures soon as i finish each room...
Housewarming party is July 19th... so mark it on your calenders... E-vite will be on the way shortly.
Great news! My BFF Rachel gets to come home from the hospital next week after a 1 month bed rest! I am so happy i could do a dance... i think i will. Love you Charlsh!

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Heather said...

July 19th it is.
As a childhood/teen (sad) Days of our lives junkie, I appreciate the title.
Maybe talking about poop is a little much even for a mom blog, huh? Oh well, these are the days of my life.

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