Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Night

Last night Cindy and I took Shannon out for her birthday. Shannon chose Red Lobster for her main meal... which is funny, because she doesn't even like seafood. But Red Lobster it was. We also decided to get dressed up for the fun of it. I often wish i lived in a different time like the 40/50/60's when women dressed up EVERY TIME they went out. We have become such a laid back culture that it leads to lazy dressing. Anyway, after dinner I took Cindy and Shannon to one of my favorite places, Psycho Suzi's. The reason i really like that joint is:
a. every type of social group hangs out there
b. they have pickle roll-ups
c. a fab patio
So we shared a Psycho Punch and I did warn them that they go heavy on the rum. When i warn people before hand about anything, i am trying to be very sincere, but people seem to say,
Wow, how come you didn't warn me!
This happens a lot. As if i would make stuff up.
After Psycho Suzi's we decided to go check out St. Petersburg Russian Restaurant. I now live right by there and yet i am always a little hesitant about going. I guess in the past every time St. Petersburg was brought up, people would say, Oh that place. And they aren't saying it in a bad way. Just in a, oh i have had weird experiences there, and it is a little crazy, but instead I'm just going to say, Oh That place. Somewhat similar to when people used to tell me about the Wondrous Punch at the Red Dragon. Oh yeah, That drink. I never understood what they meant until I had, that drink. Yeah it makes you go crazy, as Ahmad would say!
So back to St. Petersburg... we climbed the rather dark stairs to the top of the restaurant and Shannon said, It looks like we are going to a Russian Mafia Wake.
But when we got there, it was pretty mellow. The bartender was very friendly, he gave us our martinis gratis and we loved him for it.
I also got a lovely bowl of borsch. Oh it was so amazing, I'm still thinking about it. Borsch is beet soup in case you were curious... and I love me some beets. I want to go back everyday for just one little cup of borsch to make me smile.
After St. Petersburg we went back to my house and sat outside on the patio late into the night. Laughing and taking random pictures and being complete in friendship and mirth.


k & k said...

Bring on the borsch! Were there spies there? you mentioned a "friendly" bartender giving free drinks. Nothing is free honey. Be suspicious! :-)

by Heather said...

Or are you secretly famous? Famous people get free drinks...
And they also have good stories of wild and crazy nights out on the town...

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