Monday, February 2, 2009

I am a Panvowel!!!!

I am so jealous of people that are palindromes, like Hannah and my Mom.

But today I found out that i am a Panvowel!!!! A Panvowel is a word that uses all vowels in it.

My last name is Robideau, a panvowel marvel!

Here are some other panvowel words:












facetious (which has all the vowels in a row)

I am Robideau, a cauliflower eating, tamborine playing, facetious troublemaking sulphogermanic!

Being a Panvowel is Boss! Like shoulder pads and perms...... BEST EPISODE EVER!


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you're famous! I had no idea! I am just nothing. Sad. :(

Heidi Ashworth said...

Well, since I am undisprovable, I'm a panvowel, too. If you don't agree, I dare you to disprove me.

Erin said...

You are boss! (Loved the episode too)

And I love your blog background. So pretty!

HoneyB said...

And you are so cool!!

...sensible of shoe said...

That is so Sabrina. I swear if I hear you talk about a palindrome one more time, you would die of jealousy. But now you have your OWN thing which is much harder to achieve than being a Hannah or Bob or Otto. Yay!

...sensible of shoe said...

Except your mom still has you because she is a palindrome AND a panvowel.

Sabrina said...

MEGAN! i was totally going to write something about my MOM ROBIDEAU being both!!!!!

K and/or K said...

what are kyle and i? wait don't answer that.
but we have all the same letters in our first names. that is something maybe!

Heather of the EO said...

You are a complete miracle!

Heather said...

I'm so jealous. My only claim to name fame is that on standardized tests in school, Heather was too long to bubble in and my middle intial is N, so my name printed out as HEATHEN. Nice.

Bonnie said...

you are too funny!

HappyTummy said...

that is pretty cool!!

TeaLady said...

Funny Post. I am not either. Ah, well. Maybe my fame is elsewhere.

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