Sunday, January 20, 2008

TDC=Too Darn Cold!

So as mentioned in the previous posting, i had a whole night planned with my girlfriends. Well the fact of the matter is, is that sometimes the weather really does dictate what you can and cannot do. And admittedly, I would've taken driving in the snow last night, then running around in the cold. I can't believe i just said that! Anyway, cousin Kelly was out due to a bad cold :( and Cindy was at a convention, which left Shannon, Jaime and I set for a night on the town. We decided on pizza first at Dulono's which is always delish.... good laughs, Shannon had a blind date, Jaime had a goofy hair stylist lady, so we had lots to chat about. As it was time to leave, and as we opened the door to brave the cold once again. I stopped and said just as we were almost to the car, "How about we skip the museum and the wondrous punch and just go back to my place?" And I think as much as they wanted me to have a fun birthday night out, they were also thinking of my cozy apartment vs. frost bite. Coziness won out to craziness! Which was fine with me... because we had a nice time having snacks and talking into the night. So here is a pic of a night we had last weekend, and this is pretty much the same thing.

Speaking of good friends, I was reading my friend Diana's blog about her good friends, and it made me think about all my good friends. What a blessing it is to have not just one or two but a whole plethora of wonderful and amazingly kind friends. I prayed for good friends, and i think there is a verse that says something about double for your trouble... But I got double double double... God is good like that!

The Patriots are going to the Superbowl! Will Brady make it a 4th win? TBD! Also, watch for a special sports related blog edition of Superfluous that I will be posting soon: Is there a conspiracy against MN top players?

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