Monday, January 28, 2008

I loves Chloe Paddington bags!

I understand that it is frivilous and insane to pay $1000+ for a purse... but if someone said I had to pick one designer bag to own I would have to pick the Chloe Paddington bag. I have borderline at times coveted this bag, although i have come to terms that a whole village in some countries could be fed for a year for the price of a Chloe bag.
But it is fun to look.

Funny story: When I was in Jewelry Design school at Minneapolis Tech. College we shared a floor with the fashion design kids. Everyday I would see the fashion boys and girls prance around in their latest creations, it was the equivalent of Jr. High Project Runway, so tre dramatic. The fashion kids always looked amazing while the jewelry kids, such as myself were always in t-shirts and jeans... because seriously, jewelry making is messy! One day i was riding the elevator up to our floor when the one and only fashion diva of the fourth floor fabulous fashion freaks stepped into the elevator. She had on her monster huge sunglasses, party dress, hipster boots and a CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG. Could it be that i was in the same proximity as a CP bag? It was just too good to be true. I felt my heart racing and my palms began to sweat! Oh that bag, the supple leather, the lock, the key, the hardware, the engraved "Chloe"... oh what joy. I could hardly contain myself, so i blurted out, "I love your bag!!!" Fashion Diva barely even acknowledge my lowly existence, she looked down her pointy noes at me and very flatly said "OH."

Whatevs! I wanted to say to her, "Puh-leeeze, if you were really cool you would be taking fashion design at Parsons in NY and not at a community college!! And your bag is probably a fake too!"

But being the bigger person, I just smiled and said, "It is really nice, your bag that is, not your attitude."

No, I'm just kidding. I said, "Your bag is swell, but the ruching on your dress is atrocious!"

Ok fine, I didn't' say that either!
Or did I?


k & k said...

Is she related to Paddington Bear?

Sabrina said...

But if I were to make a Jeopardy Before and After, it would be
Female Fashion Designer's Purse and Cuddly Child Hood Stuffed Animal.

What is: Chloe Paddington Bear

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