Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sabrina 1, Santa 0!

Oh the days are full of mixing and mingling... and some ring-ting tinagaling! Thursday night i got together with my usual Thursday night group. We exchanged gifts and laughed over pizza and had a good ol' time! Friday after work, I headed over to Shannon's house for our Christmas party in Buffalo night! We had been planning this night since the beginning of November, so the anticipation was high. I made a doubled recipe of spinach artichoke dip and my most favorite cream cheese\ham\pickle roll-ups! Yummmmm! I arrived first, so Shannon and i chatted and prepared snacks until Cindy and Jaime arrived. At one point Shannon and i went outside, so she could light her big Santa Claus on her front steps. She plugged it in and nothing! So we figured, Santa must be out of order. We were goofing around, shaking Santa up a bit and poof, a flicker of light! Shannan then had the bright idea that if she were to hold it, I would give it a *little* kick and maybe Santa would stay lit. I excitedly pulled my foot back and piled drived it into Santa's bowl ful of jelly... POW! And with everything Santa had, he gave one last burst of light and POP! The light bulb blew up! Ooops! I guess I won! Sorry Santa Baby! Soon Jaime and Cindy arrived, we ate and drank wine and laughed until our sides hurt! We sang a heart warming rendition of Dolly Pardon's Hard Candy Christmas and made A LOT of fun of Trans Siberian Orchestra! We were just a bunch of small town girls having some big time laughs! Later we *tried* to watch Irving Berlin's White Christmas... Cindy and I sang almost every song, Jaime fell asleep and every few songs we would shake her awake exclaiming "Wake up Jaime! You gotta watch this one last song and dance number!!!" she never woke up... soon before we knew it, in the wee hours of the night we had all fallen fast asleep. Oh what fun we had! Before we knew it we were all laying there, strewn across the floor and couch, and it was 6:00am... we started chatting and laughing, eating and sharing tales of long long ago. We did this until about 9:00 until we parted ways and went back to sleep. Now i am up, ready to have a nice leisurely day of baking cookies and having a day all to myself. I think I still have a side ache from laughing so hard... Friends+Laughter=Priceless!! MEOW!

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