Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas day goes a little something like this: Me running across the snow in my party dress to the barn to shut off the electric fence so my cousin Kyle can go out and shoot a pheasant. As I walked back from the barn, with the snow falling down, I had to stop and laugh, thankful for the moments of sheer randomness of family and the beauty of this day.

The night before I had Christmas Eve at my parents house, and my aunt and uncle came over for dinner and gifts.Later that night Kelly and Kyle came over to crash so they could just be here for the festivities the next day. Christmas morning, Kyle's wish was to go out and shoot some clay pigeons, and of course he would need a launcher: ME! So we bundle up and made our way through the snow, me with a shot gun and Kyle with a box of clay pigeons. We walked through the fields over snow drifts and past the woods to reach the edge of my parents property. There, I shot a few and Kyle shot the rest. And due to my lack of proper wrist snap, I couldn't get the darn pigeons launched. So in my sabrina fashioned way, I launched them by hand. It was fun. But some day I will get the launching technique down. Later that day Kelly and I got the meal ready and our family showed up and we all had fun... until, Kyle spotted a pheasant and ran outside to get his gun and i ran to the barn to shut off the fence. And thus i am back to the beginning of my story. Christmas always seems to go as fast as it comes, and this year was no exception. I had a great time with my mom and dad, opening gifts and watching my brother get excited over all his movies he received. I am thankful over and over for my family for the joy they bring to my life, and thankful for their health and safety!
God is good, and that is why we celebrate! He is good because he loves us enough to send his son Jesus! Amen!

And on another festive fun note, Sunday night I got together with some of my favorite gal pals. We had talked about it all week, but once Sunday arrived, along with the snow, I thought twice about my original plan. My friend Cindy, who lives in Chaska, was going to have me, Shannon and Jaime over for one last hurrah before Christmas... we would all crash at her place and then Christmas Eve day head off to our respective families. Well Sunday it started to snow, not a little, but a lot. The thing is, I do not like to drive in bad weather, it makes me nervous and anxious, and i really don't like being either. However, after I talked with Cindy and assessed the roads (not great) I said, screw it, you only live once. So I bundled up in boots and hat and mittens, with survival gear intact and headed out to Chaska. Which from St. Paul on average in about a half an hour drive. I just went nice and slow, and in about an hour, I made it safe and sound to Cindy's! Yeah! I did it! :) We had a great night of laughs and silliness, wine and Pinocchio and merriment. I'm glad I went, you can't beat a fun night with your good friends! Cheers!
P.S. I cut my hair off... not all of it, but about 6 inches! which for me is pretty drastic! I love having really long hair, but sometimes change is good! I will post a pic, when I get a good one... New Year, New Hair!


Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

auntie barbie thinks clay pigeons are alive! too funny! you are a fabulous hostess with the mostess! thanks for the presents!

ellen said...

Hey, did you do Oprah's favorite things?

New year, new hair--I like it! I think I should go super blonde for 2008.

Lori said...

No other cousin would put up with Kyle's shenanigans....climbing over snow drifts to hurt those clay pigeons:-)
It was a beautiful day! Thanks for all the yummo meow food!

Sabrina said...

Yeah, we shot the snot out of those poor helpless clay pigeons!!!

...sensible of shoe said...

Sounds fun! Love the photos. Where's the Oprah video?

Are you a Mr. A-Z fan too? Geek in the Pink! I never knew! "It's all about the melodies"

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