Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's all part of the j.o.b.

oh my oh my oh my... Tuesday night. bad bad bad. what about Tuesday night was so bad you ask? well it snowed, that is A. and B, it was snowing during rush hour and C. it took me 4 hours to get home! At first i was up for the challenge. I thought, "Ok, this will be fun, I can do this, no biggie, I've lived in Minnesota all my life, save one year I lived in New Hampshire and they have wicked bad ice storms there!" So promptly at 3:10 pm, I left my work, with a farewell email to kelly who was leaving at the same time, and then the race was on. We figured it would probably take us the same amount of time to get home. So as I am singing Cake's "she's going the distance, she's going for speed..." I exit onto the highway and then STOP. On a 2 mile stretch of highway it took me an hour to get to my next exit! No problemo, I had snacks, pitas & humus to be exact, and it was going to be a good ride. I talked to my mom for awhile, and then Kelly and Jeanelle I was doing great! As I was entering my next exit near downtown Minneapolis, kelly informed me that she overheard that it was going to be a 144 minute! drive from downtown MPLS to downtown St. Paul. This drive should take maybe 8 minutes, if that. So I had the bright idea to drive through downtown mpls and take the back roads. really really big mistake!! it was hell. sorry but it was. it took me almost 2 hours to get through downtown mpls, and then into st. paul the back way. I'm sure i would've been not much better on the highway, with the 35W bridge down and all, everything was congested. Finally at 7:00pm, 4 hours later, i arrived home. My head was throbbing, my butt aching from sitting so long, I yelled at the cat and scowled at my mailbox for lack of good mail. But I was home. praise the lord, I was home. thankful. thankful. and then on the couch is where I lay for the next 24 hours. I took a sick day. Welcome to Minnesota! PUKE!
On a much different note, Megan wrote about her favorite documentary. I thought I would mention mine. It is a National Geographic documentary on Air Force One. For some reason, every time it is on tv, I am captivated. So much history in one airplane. My favorite part is when the head steward says, "It's all part of the j.o.b." and spells it out. Yep, my friends, It really is all part of the J.O.B!

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...sensible of shoe said...

Some words and now, phrases, are better spelled. I only say OMG, IDK and BFD.

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