Monday, November 26, 2007

The Times are a Changin'

On the front page of the Star Tribune today there is an article about my hometown elementary school. I went to Watertown-Mayer Elementary from first grade through sixth grade, and then off to the high school I went 7th-12th grade. Anyway, this article is about the brand new elementary school they just built. I guess the security there is top notch, the best around.
Here is the link to read more about it, if you are so inclined:

I am just amazed and maybe feeling a little old, because Watertown has a population of about 3,000 now, and even there in a small farm town, security is a huge priority. Don't get me wrong, i believe security is needed these days, but I am just still a little surprised that Watertown is in need of taking these measures. I work at a suburban middle school, and I am always amazed that even at this school the doors are always locked and a security card is needed to get clearance, and there is a police liaison in the building at all times.
I guess what I am saying is, that in my childhood, I lived so freely in my neighborhood and at school. I didn't have to worry about child predators and kidnappers. Not that it wasn't out there, but it wasn't a horrible concern, especially in a small town. Kids these days have worries that i never even considered. It's a strange world.
Well a new Fort Knox elementary school now stands, and in town there is a building, built in 1911 that sits empty. What will become of my former elementary school? I hope they don't tear it down, that place holds too many memories. Running down the halls, choir and gym class, the little crappy library in the basement. But the best part was the theatre. It is such a beautiful theatre, with red velvet seats and red velvet curtains, and wonderful balcony. I wonder how many choir concerts i sang at in that theatre? How many talent shows and square dances did I participate in? Even in high school all our school plays were held there. I've acted on that stage many many times... what great memories. If they do tear it down, I will be first in line for one of those red velvet chairs!
I AM getting old!


The Kings of Lauderdale said...

If you get a red velvet seat I want to sit on it. The times they are a changin and it makes me want to home school. But that might not be safe for my children either....
I want to come to the wrapping party but I'm not sure yet. And I haven't even started shopping yet! Ugh, I might come anyway though.

Anonymous said...
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