Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...

Yesterday... what a day. Kelly and I not only survived but triumphed over our first Thanksgiving Meal. I arrived bright and early at the Vlach's to get the turkey in the oven. The day before I stuffed it with lemons, oranges, onions, garlic, rosemary, oregano & sage. Then i gave it a rub down with a mixture of herbs. So Thursday morn it was ready to be popped into the oven. And while that was being done I went back home and put the stuffing in the oven and made my final preparation before heading back over to the Vlach's. Good thing we only live 8 miles apart! So kelly, kyle and i spent the rest of the time, getting the other foods warmed up and ready to go when my parents got to their house. When we were in CUB the other day, Kelly saw this great idea for a pineapple and thus became our centerpiece. The food was on the table and we gave thanks and ate right at 2:00. Everything tasted delicious! Kelly and I really did pull it off, and really it was so nice to make a meal for others. Deliciously Simple! Afterwards we enjoyed playing a rousing game of Catch Phrase, while Kelly and I perused the store adds. Later after my parents left, Kelly and I crashed on her couch, almost comatose, not so much from the food, but from just the preparation. Kyle later came in and tried to get us motivated to see a movie, but no such luck. Earlier in the week we had thought we might go visit our grandma in the hospital, but she wasn't feeling up for visitors that day. But looking back, I don't know if Kelly and I would've even survived a trip to St. Cloud!
Anyway, since a movie was out, kelly decided she was ready to try her first bloody mary, so off to Champps it was. The three of us sat and talked, had a night cap and ate waffle fries. But both Kelly and i thought that there was just something missing from our day: CHOCOLATE! A brownie ice cream sundae was our choice and it didn't take too long to inhale that as well! And right when we thought our night was coming to a close, Kyle got paged to a local hospital. And seeing that he couldn't take us back and then go to the hospital, we taged along. He set us up in a nice little waiting room, where Kelly and i comfortably paged through magazines and watched Mean Girls. Finally, as kelly and I now both almost sleeping, Kyle came and collected us, and back to the Vlach's we went. And like Kelly said, this is the time in our lives to do things like this, soon there will be children and schedules, and not so much time to just go out for a late night rendezvous. She is very right. I am thankful for fun moments with my cousins, family and friends. I am also thankful for all the good things God has done for me throughout this year. I am blessed over and over.
Tonight I will decorate and watch a Christmas movie, one of many I watch up until Christmas. With the final movie being my all time favorite, It's a Wonderful Life. But now, after early power shopping with my mom, on this "Black Friday" (kelly and i thought people were referring to the stock market crash of the 20's... ooops), now I am ready to take a nap!
Thanksgiving blessings to all my faithful readers. I am thankful for you too!

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Bonnie said...

way to go on the dinner! i am really impressed! awesome! :)

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