Friday, August 24, 2007

Well it's a Girls Night Out...

The Judds sang it best...

Friday finally came around This girls ready to paint the town

Tonight aint nothin gonna slow me down

I did my time workin all week

Tonights all mine, tomorrow Ill sleep,I wanna hear a band with a country sound

Well, Ive been couped up all week long

Ive been workin my fingers to the bone!

Well, its a girls night out Honey, there aint no doubt

Im gonna dance every dance til the boys go home

Well, its my night to rock No watchin that ol clock

Oh, aint no doubt, lordy its a girls night out!

One more day of work and then I'm heading out with my H2OTown Posse. I will report more on this outing tomorrow.

(P.S. As much as I loathe country music, The Judds are a very guilty pleasure!! I love you Winona & Naomi!!!)

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