Monday, August 20, 2007


Tonight, Kyle, Kelly and I went to a St. Paul, Saint's game. I have not been to a Saint's game since 2 years ago, and funnily enough it was with Kyle & Kelly. We had a fun time eating dogs, cheese curds and smuggled in treats. Fun time had for all!

Oh and I am happy to report that i have finally found my Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Hot Dogs! I have been looking long and hard, and of all placed they were at a Super Target. Go figure! Dos gefelt mir!


Sarah said...

sweet! i'm so glad you got to go despite the rain!

you look good in ze hat!

Jeanelle said...


Oh, my goodness!! I was at the Saint's Game on Monday night too. How cool. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game. I was there w/ a friend who works w/ the pig & the petting zoo on Sundays. We got in for free & she knows everyone so it was super fun. (even though they lost)

Hope to see you soon.

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