Friday, June 22, 2007

Seperated at Birth

I don't know what it is lately, but my cousin and I have been thinking the same thing at almost the same time! For example, yesterday I am reading a cook book on appetizers. At that same time I get a text message from Kelly saying, "I need some killer appetizer recipes." Strange? Then I tell her that I have something in the mail for her, which was a bumper sticker that I created. Low and behold when I was out with Bonnie last night, Kelly texts me and says "Check your e-mail as soon as you can." So when Bonnie and I got back to her place I checked my e-mail and Kelly had sent me a picture of something she made for me and was coming in the mail. Can you guess what it was??? The very same bumper sticker I had created for her!SHOULD=SHAME=PUKE!

She also made this cute little one about Jell-o and Kitties... She said that she is "afraid to park at church now" Like I said before, church potlucks and Jell-o go hand in hand. And although there is a 9 month seperation between me and Kelly, we really do sometimes share the same brain! You would think we were related, or at least shared the same grandparents!

A quick shout-out to Bonnie, who is my partner in crime! Another great night of laughter and pro-girl power!

Here's one for you Kelly: Tuna Delight Jello


Ellen said...

God never kills kitties. Only Satan kills kitties. In fact, I think God is a kitty. A fluffy kitty. Big MEOW. ;)

Puke vs. Meow said...

I think you're right Ellen!! :)

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