Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nye's Polonaise

Oh what a night! Well another stellar night in my life! My friend Sarah decided to throw together a night of fun and frivolity at Nye's Polonaise Polka Lounge This place is like something out of a GoodFellas movie. Polish Gangster Style and I absolutely love it there! So Sarah and I went out to eat beforehand at Bon Xai and had delicious Pad Thai. We eventually made our way over to Nye's and had a martini and waited for more friends to show up. Eventually Kyle and Kelly came, then Ellen, Jeanelle & Steve. And then more of Sarah's friends showed up too. Even Bonnie made a late night appearance. Kyle and I ate pickled herring! MEOWRIFIC! And I had 2 delicious Oatmeal Cookie Martinis! MEOWTASTIC!
Nye's also has a polka lounge for dancing and a piano bar. Basically like Karaoke, but with a lady who plays the piano and you sing along. Sarah did some amazing Patsy Cline renditions, Kyle busted out King of the Road and Ring of Fire, and Bonnie and I did a very appropriate song for my life, I WILL SURVIVE!! All in all it was so much fun, great to be around good friends and laughs a plenty!

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